Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why trash George?

I was leafing through an Enid Blyton at dinner today. The Famous Five at Smuggler's cave. Was wondering what's the entire deal about Blyton being sexist.

When you are a kid it doesn't matter to you whether Georgina was called George or her cousin played with dolls because she was a girl. On the contrary, the very fact that George was not called Georgina throughout the book and there was a girl who climbed trees should matter. Why not look at Janet from Secret Seven instead? Or the Naughtiest girl at school series?

I grew up on Noddy, Famous Five and Malory Towers. I didn't see anything wrong when I was a kid and I still fail to see what's wrong.

Even otherwise give her a break, she was born in 1867 for heaven's sake.


  1. :) I loved famous five.

    georgie porgie pudding and pie
    knows hoe to tell a good lie

  2. i love noddy.21 am still sitting and seeing it on

  3. Five Findouters was my favorite. I hate it that PC police gets offended by stuff written well before their time.

    In any case, this alleged sexist literature is probably leagues ahead of sparkling vampires and emo wizards this generation is growing up on.