Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why trash George?

I was leafing through an Enid Blyton at dinner today. The Famous Five at Smuggler's cave. Was wondering what's the entire deal about Blyton being sexist.

When you are a kid it doesn't matter to you whether Georgina was called George or her cousin played with dolls because she was a girl. On the contrary, the very fact that George was not called Georgina throughout the book and there was a girl who climbed trees should matter. Why not look at Janet from Secret Seven instead? Or the Naughtiest girl at school series?

I grew up on Noddy, Famous Five and Malory Towers. I didn't see anything wrong when I was a kid and I still fail to see what's wrong.

Even otherwise give her a break, she was born in 1867 for heaven's sake.

Mera pehla pyaar adoora rehgaya! :'(

Yeah ok, I have a penchant for Bollywood comi-tragedies.

I think if I had to divide my life into before-after phases, I'd divide it into then when I could watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and enjoy it and now when I watch it and all I do is criticize every scene. Smirk off, I know all you little bitches watched every scene and still make a wish when a 'toota tara' flies past your sniggering heads.

Earlier Rahul was my favourite character in the movie. I loved the Rahul-Tina couple as a kid. I felt bad for Anjali but yeah well, she got to be beautiful in the end and got Rahul after all, how did it matter. But now, having been in Anjali's place, well the movie has gone from being my favourite movie to a three hour extended torture-o-rama for me. Rahul is now the jerk who was blind throughout and well, was "attracted" to Anjali only when she had long hair and her saree fell off her shoulder. What does that make him? Yes, jerk.

And Tina. When I was a kid watching the movie, she was the very pretty mom of Jr.Anjali, writing letters to her on her birthday and all, quite sweet huh. Now I see everything but the cuteness in her. She knew Anjali loved Rahul more than a friend and yet, all she could say was "mujhe ehsaas hua mein Rahul aur Anjali ke beech aagayi thi. " in a letter she wrote while dying to her future grown up daughter? What does that make her? Yes, bitch.

And that scene where Anjali is crying on Rahul's shoulder and Tina makes it to leave and Rahul holds her hand. Oh yes, this is where I mix the story of my life with the movie. Presenting Anjali in real life.

Except that Rahul knew Anjali loved him and he told Anjali he's not physically attracted to her and that's the only reason she'll only be a friend to him, albiet best friend. Anjali then went on a spree of flings with the many guys who did find her attractive and was not stupid enough to stick around Rahul waiting till he found Tina and Anjali could drive ten daggers into herself. Anjali missed Rahul but she refused to give in and talk to him. Rahul missed Anjali and kept trying to talk to her, in the process screwing up her many attempts at a relationship with other guys. And then, Rahul made a new friend Tina who liked Rahul, but on hearing about Anjali egged him to force himself to give it a try with Anjali. Rahul told Anjali this and Anjali on hearing that it was Tina's advice realised Tina liked him and that no, Rahul still wasn't in love with Anjali herself. She was angry at his insistence and while he attempted to 'give it a try', she distanced herself from him more and more. And yes, she hated Tina.

After a long time however, Rahul and Anjali got talking again after months. Anjali didn't know that by then Tina had asked Rahul out and Rahul had said yes to her. He didn't tell her, but she knew Rahul inside out and guess he was hiding something. She wasn't stupid and soon she figured out what had happened and who it was as well. She waited for him to tell her, but he didn't. He tried to be as close to her as they were before. Anjali finally got pissed and got it out of his mouth. And then she found out Rahul had not meant for Anjali to know he was going out with Tina and that Tina had no clue whatsoever as to how much time Rahul spent with Anjali or how close they still were or how Anjali was in Rahul's house exactly when Tina called Rahul and Rahul stepped out to have a long romantic talk with her, Anjali right in front of him. At that point, Anjali walked out of his life, once and for all.

While Rahul dropped her and bid goodbye, he only said "You know you'll miss me". Anjali knew he was right, except that she knew she'll always miss him as her first love. What about him though, he would miss her too, as what? Rahul still messages Anjali's best friend saying he misses Anjali. When her best friend tell's her this, Anjali only wonders how he reconciles this with his conscience. If he misses her as a friend, there are two more friends of his that he is equally close to, he doesn't say he misses them does he? If he misses her as more than a friend, he is going out with Tina, isn't he doing Tina a disservice?

It took four years for Anjali to realise that for all his wit and humour that Anjali fell for, Rahul was spineless and she could never have compromised being with a guy who was less dynamic and less sociable than her. It was good after all that it did not work out for them.

How ironic that KKHH was once upon a time my favourite movie and now it's just cruelty on a DVD.